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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting involved with TouchDC is easy. You'll find quick tips and answers to frequently asked questions below.

Update Your Organization's Listing with GuideStar

GuideStar's charity listings offer detailed information to donors and other potential funders. You'll be asked to provide information on your mission and programs, accomplishments and goals, CEO and board of directors, and your organization's finances. If you registered your organization through TouchDC last year, you do not need to re-register. However, if information such as your organization's mission, accomplishments, contact information or other details has changed, please log in to GuideStar to make updates.

Tip: You'll be asked to provide keywords for your listing. Choose several keywords that describe your mission or programs that reflect any nicknames, DBA, or acronyms for your organization, and any misspellings or partial spellings of your organization name that might occur. Put a comma between keywords. These will help potential donors better locate your organization when searching.

Accepting Online Donations

Nonprofits with a web site can use the Network for Good Giving System and Donate Now button to collect donations by simply linking to their nonprofit's donation page on Network for Good. The Donate Now button makes online philanthropy quick, easy, and secure.

Tip: Be sure to apply for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This allows Network for Good to wire donations directly to your organization's bank account. EFT is safe and secure.

Online Donation Q & A

  1. Does Network for Good charge fees to process online donations?
  2. How frequently are donations disbursed by Network for Good?
  3. How does my organization track donations?
  4. Where can I learn more about Network for Good and its past relationship with PipeVine?

Need more information? Get a full list of questions and answers about online donations at Network for Good.

Post Your Volunteer Opportunities

Post your holiday season and year-round volunteer opportunities on the VolunteerMatch database. Local listings will appear on

Tip: You can post one-time and ongoing opportunities with VolunteerMatch.

Volunteer Q & A

  1. How does my organization recruit volunteers through Network for Good?
  2. How does volunteer matching work?
  3. What is virtual volunteering?
  4. What is VolunteerMatch?

TouchDC Selection Process

TouchDC features several organizations working within selected nonprofit issue areas affecting the region. These organizations are carefully vetted by the TouchDC coalition. For more information on our selection process, read the criteria for selection.

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