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Youth Development

Featured Charity

Asian American LEAD

Founded in 1998, Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) promotes the well-being of Asian American youth and families through education, leadership development, and community building. We serve the Vietnamese, Amerasian, and Chinese refugee and immigrant communities in the Mt. Pleasant and Columbia Heights neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. Our goal is to provide a full range of support through a four-pronged approach that integrates parental involvement, mentoring, educational advocacy, and after school academic enrichment. As part of this support, our programs provide a safe space for students and families to build self-confidence and develop personal talents through recreational, arts, and sports activities.

Featured Charities

  • Brainfood

    Brainfood uses food as a tool to build life skills with youth in a fun and creative setting. Through culinary-related activities, we strive to expand cognitive skills, encourage creativity, foster self-reliance and empower youth as resources in their own community. Founded on the belief that food is an invaluable means to reach people, create community, and affect change, Brainfood uses it to strengthen the confidence and broaden the vision of participants, both in and out of the kitchen. Brainfood creates a safe haven, providing youth with a locus of social support and activities that promote a sense of achievement.

  • Horton's Kids

    To provide comprehensive services to the children of Anacostia which improve the quality of their daily lives and nurture each child's desire and ability to succeed.

  • Interstages

    All children deserve access to opportunities for academic and personal development, both in and out of school. Yet many students in low-income communities remain underserved, particularly during the middle years. Interstages utilizes individualized academic support plans and music enrichment, supplied by caring adults during out-of-school time, to facilitate opportunities for middle grades students to experience academic and personal success.

  • Young Women's Project

    DC Prisoners' Legal Services Project's mission is to advocate for the humane treatment and dignity of all persons convicted or charged with a criminal offense under the laws of the District of Columbia and housed or formerly housed in prisons, jails or community correction programs. We aim to assist their family members and loved ones with prison related issues and to promote support programs that meet the needs of returning ex-offenders while at the same time providing a voice to the community as these programs develop.

Previously Featured Charities

2005 Featured Charities
  • Mentors, Inc.

    Mentors, Inc. increases the graduation rates and success of Washington DC's public high school students by pairing them with caring, adult volunteers, in structured and enriched mentoring relationships, which promote their personal, academic and career development. Mentors, Inc. has matched nearly 4,000 students with mentors and provided thousands of dollars in scholarship assistance to graduates to help them fulfill their dreams.

  • Facilitating Leadership in Youth (FLY)

    Facilitating Leadership in Youth partners with an American University student club to support Anacostia youth in achieving their educational goals, developing their artistic talents, and expanding their leadership roles. FLY has a holistic, long-term youth development approach that consistently engages youth in our programs year-round for 6 to 10 years.


    DC SCORES provides out-of-school-time programs that combine soccer, creative writing and community service, with teamwork as the unifying value, for more than 700 low-income children attending DC Public Schools.

  • Little Lights Urban Ministries

    Little Lights Urban Ministries provides a place of acceptance, empowerment, and inspiration for youth through caring relationships, academic and arts programs, community service, and Christian spirituality, particularly young people living in the Potomac Gardens housing complex in Southeast DC.

  • End Time Harvest Ministries

    End Time Harvest Ministries bridges the needs of community residents, primarily youth and senior citizens, with the resources of churches and other educational, social, and economic organizations in communities.

2004 Featured Charities
  • The Young Playwrights Theater

    Young Playwrights' Theater nurtures the voice of a new generation while improving reading and writing skills through its innovative literacy-through-the-arts programs and the craft of playwriting.

  • Children's Studio School

    The Studio School is commited to engage as teachers only accomplished artists and scholars, many of whom are award-winning musicians, poets, interdisciplinary artists, jazz vocalists, architects, multi-media artists, choreographers, scientists, authors and anthropologists.

  • Dance Institute of Washington

    The Dance Institute of Washington is dedicated to developing successful citizens by using quality dance instruction and performing arts education to build the self-esteem, discipline, and drive for excellence among inner-city children and young people in Washington, DC.

  • Washington Tennis & Education Foundation

    WTEF improves the life prospects of DC area youth, particularly those from lower-income communities, by providing athletic, academic, and life-skills activities that teach discipline, build self-esteem, and improve academic performance.

  • Youth Professional Development

    Youth Professional Development helps teen parents get the education, job skills, and job placements they need to be self-sufficient and successful.

2003 Featured Charities
  • Alexandria Seaport Foundation

    Vick was last in school at age 12, a gang member from age 10, and in jail at age 14. He came to Alexandria Seaport Foundation as a referral from his probation officer. There he learned not only boat building, but also that hard work produces great results. This summer Vick travelled to Maine with master builders to train families and nonprofit groups in the art of boat building. Vick built a future thanks to Alexandria Seaport Foundation.
    (UW/CFC# 8101)

  • Community Bridges

    Community Bridges creates empowerment programs for underserved girls from low-income neighborhoods in Silver Spring, MD, training girls in the skills necessary for their well-being, academic success, self-determination and community involvement.
    (UW/CFC# 9121)

  • Empower Program

    With innovative approaches to dealing with violence in schools, Empower is working with youth to end the culture of violence in our community.
    (UW/CFC# 8914)

  • Men Can Stop Rape

    Helping young men to redefine manhood, Men Can Stop Rape teaches them to embrace the strength in respect, equity, compassion, and peace.
    (UW/CFC# 9106)

  • The Fishing School

    Teaching values, helping with homework, and providing a hot meal makes The Fishing School a safe haven for at-risk kids in Northeast DC.
    (UW/CFC# 8553)

2002 Featured Charities
  • Asian American LEAD

    Asian American LEAD's educational initiatives save many young Asian immigrants from cultural alienation and gangs by emphasizing academic excellence and community integration.

  • Campagna Center

    Campagna Center: The Grandfather's Group The Grandfathers Group recruits and trains senior African American men to serve for a minimum of one year as volunteer "Grandfather" mentors for African American boys, ages 6-10, in Alexandria.

  • FLOC - For Love of Children

    Raised in foster care, Alisha got pregnant in her teens and was completely unprepared for motherhood. With her son Timmy taken away and placed in the state's care, it seemed the vicious cycle of foster care would repeat itself. Then For Love of Children intervened. FLOC helped Alisha locate 24 members of her birth family as well as the baby's paternal grandfather. FLOC organized a family conference where Alisha's newfound sister offered her a stable home, and the grandfather offered to take care of Timmy.

  • Latin American Youth Center

    An innovative bridge to opportunity, LAYC's lessons range from substance abuse prevention and financial management, to entrepreneurship and professional development in their Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop.

  • Life Pieces to Masterpieces

    African-American boys from crime-ridden neighborhoods learn to channel their fear into inspiring artwork, exhibit more interest in school, and envision a future beyond 18 years old through this model program.

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