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Rebuilding Together Montgomery County

Rebuilding Together (formerly Christmas in April),founded in 1990 works in partnership with the community to address the needs of low-income homeowners, primarily elderly, disabled and families with children within the Priority Funding Areas and Designated Revitalization areas of Montgomery County. The program will perform home repairs, home modifications and provide referrals to social service providers to address issues surrounding social, financial, mental health, physical health and daily living activities. With the addition of the referral program LINK, Handyman, Project Day, Community Revitalization and Home Modification programs, We can impact the homeowner in a holistic manner, with a program that enriches their physical environment and personal health while promoting self-sufficiency and independence.

Featured Charities

  • Alternative House

    Abused and homeless young people deserve brighter futures. Alternative House - The Abused and Homeless Children's Refuge helps children and youth achieve this by providing shelter, food, and counseling to abused, homeless and at-risk young people. Beginning as a small runaway shelter for teenagers in 1972, Alternative House - The Abused and Homeless Children's Refuge has evolved into a system of services designed to respond to the changing needs of today's young people. We provide an Emergency Shelter for Teenagers, the AYM program for pregnant and parenting teenage mothers and their babies, neighborhood based street outreach and a 24-hour hotline at 1-800-SAY-TEEN.

  • Gateway Community Development Corporation

    Gateway CDC is a membership organization formed in 1998 by the residents of North Brentwood, Brentwood, and Mount Rainier -- three diverse, lower-income, inner-Beltway municipalities bordering northeast Washington, D.C., in Prince George's County, Maryland. Recognizing that they are more effective directing change with combined resources and a shared vision, these municipalities devised a joint strategy for revitalization that promotes their strongest asset -- the high concentration of artists and arts organizations within the community. To launch this vision, the Gateway Arts Summit was convened in 1998, resulting in a plan to build the Gateway Arts District, a $70 million initiative based around four anchor projects that will deliver three artist live/work facilities; an African American Cultural Heritage Center, a community center, gallery space and a theatre.

  • Mary House

    Mary House founders Bill and Sharon Murphy started this type of shelter and related services based on what they saw and learned after several years of local community service (where they met, married, and started their own family). They believed that a homeless family must be rooted in a safe and nurturing environment before they can begin the process of healing their emotional scars and rebuilding their economic base. Whether working through outreach services or housing programs, Mary House staff, while meeting immediate needs, builds a relationship with the participants that generates mutual respect, understanding, and healthy dialogue.

  • Miriam's House

    Miriam's House provides housing and services to homeless women with AIDS, some of whom have children. DC has the highest per capita rate of AIDS cases in the U.S. - nine times the national average. Most programs in DC for people with AIDS do not address the complex needs of AIDS patients who are also homeless, addicted to illegal drugs, and/or custodial parents of minor children. Our residents have faced a lifetime of familial and societal neglect. Miriam's House is a loving community, offering residents a home in which they can die with dignity, or coordinated services so that they can live independently.

Previously Featured Charities

2005 Featured Charities
  • Homestretch

    Homestretch is an award-winning transitional housing program that provides two years of subsidized housing and comprehensive support services to homeless families in Northern Virginia so they can return to stable housing and self-sufficiency with the skills, knowledge, and hope they need to become productive participants in the community.

  • Mi Casa

    Mi Casa strives to increase the availability affordable housing in the District of Columbia, through the renovation and resale of single-family homes and through technical assistants to tenant organizations, in order to celebrate and preserve the rich diversity and long-term stability of the city's great neighborhoods.

  • The Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

    The Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing is dedicated to providing safe, decent, affordable housing for low-and moderate-income families and individuals in Arlington County, Virginia. The Partnership provides educational, employment, financial and recreational programs for adults and children living in its properties, as well as emergency rental assistance.

  • Montgomery Housing Partnership

    Montgomery Housing Partnership works in Montgomery County to develop, renovate, and manage quality affordable rental housing and revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

  • Building Futures

    Building Futures increases access to safe, affordable, quality housing and comprehensive support services for families, children and individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC., as a foundation for building dignified, stable, and healthy lives and futures.

2004 Featured Charities
  • Housing Unlimited

    Housing Unlimited, Inc. provides permanent, affordable, and independent housing for low-income adults with mental illness.

  • Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development

    The Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development supports its members, who are engaged in the production and preservation of affordable housing and community-based economic development, through public education and advocacy, training and technical assistance, information and communications, and practical research.

  • Jubilee Enterprise of Greater Washington

    Jubilee Enterprises has redeveloped over 1,300 housing units to help DC families live in safe, affordable communities.

  • Nonprofit Finance Fund

    Through loans, workshops, grants, financial assessments and business advice, the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) helps Washington DC area nonprofit organizations plan and implement sustainable growth while improving their capacity to meet community needs.

  • Stepping Stones Shelter

    Stepping Stones Shelter offers homeless men, women and children food and shelter in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

2003 Featured Charities
  • Arlington Community Temporary Shelter

    Provides shelter to women and their children fleeing violence in their homes, families needing shelter from the streets, and stable housing for those ready to begin again.
    (UW/CFC# 8031)

  • Carpenter's Shelter

    Christina and her two small boys had no place to live after leaving her abusive husband. With a proud Hispanic heritage, Christina resisted going to an emergency homeless shelter, but Carpenter's Shelter's bright, modern facility quickly changed her mind. Christina worked two jobs and saved 70% of her income, and with the help of her case worker, was able to reach her goal of becoming independent and being able to afford a safe home for her children.
    (UW/CFC# 8228)

  • Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place

    Street outreach, medical and psychiatric care, case management, life skills/job readiness training, transitional and permanent housing are provided by the Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place.

  • East of the River Community Development Corporation

    A body of change agents, East of the River CDC, is leading the revitalization and transformation of Ward 8 though affordable housing, economic development, education, and training.

  • Housing Initiative Partnership (HIP)

    To help working poor families improve their situations, the Housing Initiative Partnership rehabilitates affordable housing and provides tuition assistance to adults who want to further their education.
    (UW/CFC# 8928)

2002 Featured Charities
  • Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services

    With a 90-day waiting list of families whose household income is less than $25,000, Good Shepherd Housing is working hard to secure more affordable housing units for Virginia's working poor.

  • Jubilee Enterprise of Greater Washington, Inc.

    Jubilee Enterprises has redeveloped over 1,300 housing units to help DC families live in safe, affordable communities.

  • Manna, Inc.

    With too much debt and not enough income, Bobby and Lula Barnes thought owning a home would always be a dream. Then, this couple in their mid-50s heard about MANNA. The staff at MANNA worked with the Barnes' on a strict budget that steadily paid off their debt. Then, they helped arrange for a government home-ownership program to help cover a down payment and closing costs. The Barnes' dream came true—just like the dreams of 650 of MANNA's other first-time homeowners.

  • Montgomery Housing Partnership

    Montgomery Housing Partnership has transformed neighborhood eyesores into 347 affordable, high quality rental units.

  • Reston Interfaith Housing Corp.

    hrough a homeless shelter, transitional housing, and a 78-unit affordable housing complex, Reston Interfaith Housing and its volunteers help over 5,000 Virginians annually keep a roof over their heads.

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