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Featured Charity

Arlington Free Clinic

The Arlington Free Clinic is a nonprofit, community based, volunteer driven organization committed to providing access to quality health care services to low-income, uninsured county residents.

Featured Charities

  • District of Columbia Primary Care Association

    The mission of DCPCA is to facilitate the development and maintenance of an effective, integrated primary health care delivery system in the District of Columbia -- a system that guarantees access to primary health care and eliminates disparities in health outcomes.

  • Emmaus Services for the Aging

    Emmaus meets seniors where they are, to enhance the quality of their lives through advocacy, outreach and volunteer services, seeking dignity and respect for all.

  • Joseph's House

    A continuum of care and support is available to each resident. Joseph's House provides nursing care, emotional support and spiritual nourishment, including comprehensive case management, 24-hour nursing care, addiction recovery support, personal care services, transitional support for those who regain their health, and end-of-life care for those who progress through the final stages of life.

    Above all, Joseph's House offers a caring human presence for men who would otherwise face a lonely, isolated death.

  • Prevention Works

    The mission of PreventionWorks is to curb the spread of HIV, viral hepatitis, and similar blood-borne infections among injecting and other drug users, their sexual partners and newborn children in the District of Columbia.

Previously Featured Charities

2005 Featured Charities
  • Metro TeenAIDS

    Metro TeenAIDS is the only organization in Washington, DC dedicated to preventing adolescent HIV/AIDS and helping teens whose lives have been affected by the disease. DC has the highest AIDS rate of any major US city. Metro TeenAIDS' programs serve those who are at greatest risk by providing information, counseling, HIV tests, mentoring, and connections to medical care.

  • CrisisLink

    CrisisLink saves lives and prevents tragedies. CrisisLink gives vital support to those facing life crises, trauma, and suicide; and provides information, education, and links to community resources to empower people to help themselves.

  • The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing

    The Wendt Center for Loss and Healing is a resource for addressing grief in adults and children by providing mental health services, training, and education to ease the impact of illness, loss, and bereavement. The Center respects individuals and their experiences, understands the pain of loss, and support people in times of illness and death.

  • The Montgomery Volunteer Dental Clinic

    The Montgomery Volunteer Dental Clinic provides general dental services to impoverished adult residents of Montgomery County. A base staff, supported primarily by volunteer dentists, hygienists, receptionists, and clerical staff, provides services at its central clinic in Silver Spring, Maryland.

  • Healthy Teen Network

    Healthy Teen Network provides supports, resources, education, information, and advocacy for individuals and organizations working to prevent teen pregnancy and to support pregnant and parenting teens.

2004 Featured Charities
  • Neighbors' Consejo

    Neighbors' Consejo outreach workers found Enrique sleeping in an alley. After decades of alcoholism, he admitted to hitting rock bottom and consented to help. The outreach team placed him in our Casa de la Paz, the only inpatient option in D.C. for the Spanish-speaking population, where he now resides with 11 other men who are changing their lives through a program that includes mental health therapy, acupuncture, computer training, English-as-a-Second-Language classes and regular physical exercise.

  • Chinese Culture and Community Service Center

    Bringing together an increasingly diverse Asian population, the Chinese Culture and Community Service Center works together with private and public organizations to provide a wide variety of educational, cultural, social, sports, community, advocacy, and health services to people of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status.

  • Institute for Transformation Through the Arts

    Using the imagination as a healing force, the Institute for Transformation through the Arts' programs enrich and transform lives by turning problems into creations, nurturing inherent strengths in individuals and communities, mining the riches of cultural heritage, channeling violence into creative expression and compassionate action, and supporting resilience in victims of individual and collective trauma.

  • Mercy Health Clinic

    Mercy Health Clinic is a volunteer, non-sectarian community health care provider serving uninsured, low-income adults with primary and preventive health care, educational workshops and prescription drug therapy.

  • Summit Health Research Institute for Research & Education (SHIRE)

    Summit Health Institute for Research and Education, Inc.plays a key role in mobilizing communities, foundations, and private and government agencies to work together to promote health justice, reach health parity, and help attain optimum health for people in the District of Columbia and United States, particularly people of color.

2003 Featured Charities
  • Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services, Inc

    Alexandria's only neighborhood-based health center providing preventive and illness care, gynecological services, parenting, nutrition and health education, and family counseling for high-risk, low income families.
    (UW/CFC# 8094)

  • DC Rape Crisis Center

    At the age of five, Annie was repeatedly raped by her second cousin. She went from a happy, smiling child to one who was sullen and shy, unable to talk with others. Her foster mother brought her to the DC Rape Crisis Center, the only place in Washington, DC that providesfree specialized counseling, where Annie worked with an expert therapist who uses art therapy to help children tell their storiesand begin the healing process.

  • Mental Health Association of Montgomery County

    Working with an increasingly diverse population, the Mental Health Association of Montgomery County provides a wide variety of mental health services to people of all ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic status.
    (UW/CFC# 8151)

  • Miriam's House

    Winner of the 2003 Washington Post Award for Excellence in Nonprofit Management, Miriam's House annually provides housing and supportive services for 25-30 homeless women (and their children) living with AIDS.

  • Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry

    Supported by diverse religious communities, the Northern Virginia AIDS Ministry works to combat prejudice and fear around HIV/AIDS and support individuals touched by the disease.
    (UW/CFC# 8284)

2002 Featured Charities
  • Arlington Free Clinic

    From psychiatry to gynecology to dermatology, Arlington Free Clinic is the only organization providing affordable primary care to the county's 20,000 low-income uninsured adults.

  • Food & Friends

    Join over 700 volunteers who help Food & Friends provide free and nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging illnesses throughout DC, MD, and VA.

  • Hospice Caring

    This volunteer-driven, non-medical hospice program in Montgomery County provides free practical and emotional support to dying and grieving members of the community.

  • La Clinica Del Pueblo

    In 2001 alone, La Clinica del Pueblo provided bilingual health care to over 4,500 uninsured and underinsured clients during 23,000 clinic visits.

  • Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care

    Rosita's son was born prematurely and suffered developmental delays with his communication. A Family Support Worker helped Rosita, a young El Salvadorian immigrant, find a program to evaluate the problem and help her son develop. Within a year, the child's problems were resolved and Rosita was attending English classes. Mary's Center's programs provide the resources for vulnerable families like Rosita's, in a community where language barriers keep one in five people from seeking health care.

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