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Featured Charity

Washington Area Bicyclist Association

WABA's mission is improving bicycling conditions and promoting bicycling in the metropolitan Washington, DC region. WABA envisions bicycle accommodations on every road, bicycle access across every bridge, bicycle accommodations on all transit, and bicycle parking at every destination. We envision bicycling being not only the healthiest and most environmentally-friendly means of transportation but also the safest and most convenient.

Featured Charities

  • American Hiking Society

    American Hiking society is a recreation-based, conservation organization dedicated to establishing, protecting, and maintaining the nation's footpaths and trail lands. With over 11,000 individual members and 150 allied member organizations, AHS represents more than half a million outdoors people and serves as the national voice of the American hiker. Founded in 1976 to unite the hiking community, AHS builds partnerships among outdoor organizations, public land managers, and individuals. Its programs strengthen grassroots organizations and enables trail advocates to plan, fund, and develop trails in their own communities.

  • FreshFarm Markets

    Freshfarm connects city dwellers with farmers and locally grown food, educates the public about food and farming issues, provides vital economic opportunities for farmers while building healthy communities and celebrating the heritage and abundance of agriculture in our Chesapeake Bay watershed region.


    STEEED's primary efforts are focused on providing interactive programs and services to communities that traditionally would not have access to such activities. STEEED employs a unique blend of curriculum and practical experiences in order to demonstrate the phenomenal impact that interacting with the natural world and horses can have on a child's development and life-long direction.

  • Trips for Kids Metro DC

    Many poor and minority children do not have the opportunity or the means to experience nature. Our program provides them this opportunity while also mentoring them and giving them much needed physical activity

Previously Featured Charities

2005 Featured Charities
  • Washington Youth Garden (a program of the Friends of the National Arboretum)

    Using the garden cycle as a tool, the Washington Youth Garden at the US National Arboretum inspires children and families to engage in self-discovery, explore relationships with food and the natural world, and contribute to the health and well-being of their communities. Participants of all ages discover the importance of sustainable agriculture, cooking with fresh, local ingredients, taste education and family food traditions.

  • The Accokeek Foundation

    The Accokeek Foundation works to preserve the land directly across the Potomac River from George Washington's Mount Vernon. The Foundation practices and teaches land stewardship and sustainable use of natural resources, and interprets the natural and cultural resources of the Tidewater Potomac to 25,000 visitors a year, including 6,000 Washington-area school children.

  • Shaw EcoVillage

    The mission of the Shaw EcoVillage is to train at-risk youth to be catalysts for sustainable change in DC neighborhoods. Through mentoring relationships young people bring professional expertise to underserved communities at no cost and help create cleaner, greener, more livable urban neighborhoods.

  • The Container Recycling Institute

    The Container Recycling Institute promotes policies that reduce beverage container litter and waste, conserve energy and natural resources, and create healthy and sustainable communities. The Institute provides technical support to activists and public and elected officials trying to pass and expand container deposit laws.

  • The Coalition for Smarter Growth (a program of the Piedmont Environmental Council)

    The Coalition for Smarter Growth, an advocate of community-oriented development, addresses the region's key issues of where and how we grow. Promoting community involvement, quality urban design, and wise planning, the Coalition aims to safeguard parks and natural areas, reduce traffic while providing more transportation choices, and meet the demand for reasonably priced housing close to work.

2004 Featured Charities
  • Audubon Naturalist Society of the Central Atlantic States

    Dedicated to a high quality of life and health in the DC metro area, the Audubon Naturalist Society works to protect and preserve our natural environment through education and advocacy.

  • Chesapeake Bay Foundation/Anacostia River Initiative

    Leveraging dollars into effective advocacy, CBF's Anacostia River Initiative works closely with Congress and local governments to stop untreated sewage and other pollution that makes the Anacostia one of America's most contaminated rivers.

  • EcoVoce

    Performers from EcoVoce see the light come on in the eyes of youngsters, many of whom have never been to the seashore or run through a meadow, as they listen to "Sea-shell" and become part of the conch shell bugle band, or ask how may miles a monarch butterfly migrates after hearing "I'd Be a Butterfly."

  • Friends of the Potomac

    Friends of the Potomac helps communities, businesses, governments, individuals protect and restore natural resources while fostering sustainable economic development.

  • Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities

    Through public education, policy advocacy, and targeted organizing, the Washington Regional Network for Livable Communities works to promote transportation investments, land use policies, and neighborhood designs that enhance existing communities and protect the environment of the Washington, DC region.

2003 Featured Charities
  • Anacostia Watershed Society

    With the goal of making the Anacostia River swimmable and fishable again, the Anacostia Watershed Society is revitalizing communities along the River and helping people take pride in their waterfront.
    (UW/CFC# 8029)

  • Discovery Creek

    Bringing science to life for all children, Discovery Creek awakens the senses to the wonders of nature and empowers children with skills for life-long learning.

  • Earth Conservation Corps

    Working to restore the environment by engaging the surrounding community through its young people, Earth Conservation Corps is training future stewards of the environment.

  • Potomac Conservancy

    Zack, an inner-city teen, took a canoe trip with the Potomac Conservancy and discovered a treasure he never knew was in his own backyard. The Potomac River, believed to be the wildest urban river in the world, is home to hundreds of kinds of plants and animals. Now an official "River R.A.T." volunteer helping to keep our Nation's River healthy, Zack has joined hundreds of youth to plant nearly 4,000 trees and collect nine tons of trash this year alone.
    (UW/CFC# 9237)

  • Washington Parks & People

    With the help of volunteers trying to improve their neighborhood resources, Washington Parks & People works to revitalize parks and green space in urban areas.

2002 Featured Charities
  • Anacostia Watershed Society: A River Runs Through It

    James had a tough guy attitude when he arrived to volunteer with the Anacostia Watershed Society, but once he started paddling his wobbly canoe, this façade quickly melted away. He was glad he could help make a difference in the river. Volunteers paddling canoes have remove 457 tons of debris and over 7,506 tires from the river, and over 1,000 local storm drains have been stenciled, "Don't Dump — Anacostia River Drainage."

  • Earth Conservation Corps

    1,500 children each year learn about fish biology and river ecology, and help with river clean-ups and habitat restoration projects.

  • Fairfax Coalition for Smarter Growth

    The Fairfax Coalition is fighting to solve the region's traffic congestion and pollution crises by promoting increased use of light rail and transit, more open spaces, and less urban sprawl.

  • Garden Resources of Washington

    GROW mobilizes communities to start school and community gardens that beautify neglected city plots.

  • Potomac Conservancy

    As a River R.A.T. (Restoration Action Team) volunteer, commit your energy, skills, and muscle toward protecting the Potomac, a major source of drinking water for the Washington region.

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