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Featured Charity

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation is a non-profit, all-breed cat and dog rescue that works to find loving new "Forever Homes" for cats and dogs that have found themselves in a situation where they need help.

We are a group of experienced rescuers that can help you find just the right pet to fit your lifestyle - whether you're a couch potato, an avid runner or anything in between.

Featured Charities

  • Best Dawg Rescue

    All-volunteer Best Dawg Rescue (DAWG) was founded in 2003 to ensure that DC area, adoptable shelter dogs who risk euthanasia due to medical needs, shyness or age are given the opportunity for a new, committed life. Each dog is given routine and/or specialized medical treatment and nurtured until an appropriate adopter is found through adoption fairs. No dog is placed without individualized home visits and careful education. And all dogs are welcomed back, should an adoption fail. Individuals seeking adoption are provided educational materials regarding care and training of dogs. DAWG also promotes the prevention of cruelty by immediately reporting abuse or neglect to the proper authorities.

  • Compassion Over Killing

    Compassion Over Killing (COK) is a nonprofit animal advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C. Working to end animal abuse, COK primarily focuses on cruelty to animals in agriculture and promotes vegetarian eating as a way to build a kinder world for all of us, both human and nonhuman.

  • Homeward Trails Animal Rescue

    Homeward Trails addresses the staggering overpopulation of dogs and cats by rescuing thousands from high-kill shelters before they are euthanized and by ensuring that every animal rescued is spayed and neutered. Homeward Trails also reaches out to homeless people and helps to engage them in taking steps towards a more positive lifestyle by engaging our rescued animals in outreach to individuals living on the streets and in shelters.

  • PetConnect

    PetConnect offers an innovative and comprehensive adoption service, including education and training for both families and pets. Our goal is to reduce the number of pets euthanized in the Washington, DC area each year with our spay/neuter program, and to rehabilitate the animals in our care so that each one can become a treasured family pet.

Previously Featured Charities

2005 Featured Charities
  • Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding

    Circle of Hope Therapeutic Riding is dedicated to encouraging the physical and mental development of children and adults with physical, developmental, and psychological disabilities. By providing the latest concepts and developments in therapeutic riding, Circle of Hope provides a positive atmosphere to ensure that an individual's capabilities are achieved to their fullest.

  • MetroPets Online

    MetroPets Online promotes the adoption of homeless animals and the well-being of companion animals in Greater Washington through the smart use of technology. MetroPets offers web-based resources to the public and networking and web consulting services to animal rescue groups and shelters.

  • Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society

    Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society is dedicated to helping animals in need. Its objectives are to provide for the well-being, shelter and adoption of homeless, abused or neglected animals; provide funding to the public for the spay and neuter of animals; advocate for the prevention of cruelty to animals; and educate the public about the humane treatment of animals.

  • Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation

    Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation is dedicated to rescuing and finding homes for abandoned and homeless animals. The foundation rescues animals from euthanasia at rural shelters, provides medical care-including spay and neuter for all animals- then offers the animals for adoption in Northern Virginia.

  • The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

    The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is an animal sheltering and welfare organization focused on community responsiveness, professional animal care, dynamic education, compatible adoptions and a philosophy of compassion in all it does.

2004 Featured Charities
  • Fidos for Freedom

    Fidos For Freedom, Inc. strives to increase the independence, self-esteem and confidence of people with hearing and mobility impairments and provide unconditional love to residents in health care facilities through the use of specially trained Hearing Dogs, Service Dogs and Therapy Dogs.

  • Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic Coast

    Akita Rescue Mid-Atlantic Coast, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides a wide variety of Akita needs in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area including support to Akita owners, education to those that wish to own an Akita, but most importantly, ARMAC provides rescue and placement services to those unfortunate Akitas that become displaced.

  • Alliance for Stray Animals and People

    ASAP offers immediate help to those in need, helping stray and abandoned animals and offering modest assistance to indigent people.

  • Great Strides Therapeutic Riding

    Committed to promoting emotional healing and growth in partnership with horses, Great Strides provides mental health services to people experiencing emotional pain, incorporating the power and wisdom of specially trained horses.

  • SPCA and Humane Society of Prince Georges County

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/Humane Society of Prince George's County works to reduce the number of unwanted litters of dogs and cats and prevent cruelty to animals through the county's first and only spay/neuter program, as well as our active adoption program, ongoing cruelty investigations, public assistance and humane education initiatives.

2003 Featured Charities
  • Animal Welfare League of Arlington

    The Animal Welfare League of Arlington provides temporary care and refuge for homeless animals and provides community services, such as financial assistance for veterinary costs to pet owners in need.
    (UW/CFC# 8804)

  • Fairfax Pets on Wheels

    Daytona is a Great Dane who makes regular visits to a local nursing home with a volunteer with Fairfax Pets on Wheels. Daytona's friendly nudge opened the eyes of a previously unresponsive patient who reached out to pat him. The visits from dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs with the volunteers from Fairfax Pets on Wheels brighten the lives of the residents of nursing homes and assisted living facitilities every day.
    (UW/CFC# 8907)

  • Montgomery County Humane Society

    A unique foster care program for pets of military personnel and a mobile adoption unit are just a couple of the progressive programs of the Montgomery County Humane Society.

  • Prevent a Litter Coalition

    Working in an unprecedented collaboration with veterinary, fancier, and humane organizations, animal shelters, and rescue groups, PaLC encourages spaying and neutering as a part of responsible pet care.
    (UW/CFC# 9238)

  • Washington Animal Rescue League

    Committed to rescuing animals from other shelters to prevent unnecessary euthanasia, the Washington Animal Rescue League has its own veterinary hospital, providing low-cost care to pets from low-income families.
    (UW/CFC# 7913)

2002 Featured Charities
  • Fancy Cats Rescue Team

    Rescuing stray and abandoned cats and finding a loving adoptive home for them is the mission of Fancy Cats Rescue Team.

  • Golden Retriever Rescue, Education, and Training, Inc.

    GRREAT needs volunteers to provide foster homes for unwanted golden retrievers until they are adopted by a new family.

  • National Center for Therapeutic Riding

    Young riders with physical, mental, and learning disabilities discover the joy of "horsing around" at the National Center for Theraputic Riding.

  • People Animals Love: Everyone Needs a Pal

    Sarah was a desperately ill child with cancer, staring blankly and unresponsively from her bed in Walter Reed Hospital's ICU. Then, a volunteer from People Animals Love (PAL) came by with her dog to meet Sarah. Although she had not left her bed in weeks, Sarah brightened immediately and got out of bed to walk the dog. With over 13,000 visits each year, PAL's dogs, cats, guinea pigs and rabbits bring a special — and furry — touch to the lives of the lonely and the sick of our community.

  • SPCA & Humane Society of Prince George's County

    Not only investigating cruelty to animals and promoting pet adoption, the SPCA encourages pet owners to spay and neuter their pets.

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