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In November 2002, a broad coalition of funders, nonprofit umbrella organizations, and media partners came together to encourage citizens in the Washington region to become regular donors to local nonprofit organizations providing critical services here in our community. Through TouchDC (, a web-based initiative of Washington Grantmakers, individual donors will be able find out about the great work of our local nonprofits serving the Greater Washington region, and will have a safe and convenient way to donate funds online and find local volunteer opportunities in their neighborhood.


  • To raise awareness among key decision makers and the public of the region's nonprofit sector (and how nonprofits touch all of our lives every day) so that over time, giving is increased.
  • To help the local nonprofit community to increase their organizational capacity through the effective use of online philanthropy tools and resources.
  • To improve the ability of residents of Greater Washington to make informed giving decisions, by providing transparency to our region's nonprofit sector as a whole.
  • To help connect people, as donors and as volunteers, to a wide range of nonprofit organizations, doing great work in our community through the safe, easy conduit of, powered by Network for Good.
  • To serve as the region's online gathering place, to find emergency-related resources and donate money or time in support of local nonprofits, in the event of a regional crisis.

Coalition Members


TouchDC staff members are available to answer your questions about TouchDC's free online philanthropy resources and technology training sessions. You can contact any staff member at 202-939-3440 or at his or her e-mail address, which is listed below.

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